• Who is

You might wonder how the name "Koning Bert" was founded. Well, Bert is our long-haired persian cat. Everytime we try to make a picture of the items we're about to sell, he walks in front of the camera lense like a noble King. So now you know it, you won't forget it. 


  • Do you buy in?

At Koning Bert we are always looking for unique vintage finds. Have you got something to offer? Feel free to get in contact with us. Pieces don't always have to be in mint condition. Small repairs we can handle ourselves, bigger issues we outsource to professionals. Are you looking for valuation for a piece? Just sent us a brief description of it, attached with some pictures. 


  • Conditions 

We sell vintage items. That means items are not new. Often pieces have been used for decades. We love the look & feel of products which have been used. If reparation is needed, we'll do that in the best way without loosing the vintage look. If you are interested in one of our pieces and want to know more about the traces of usage of a specific item, feel free to ask. We'll sent you extra photos easily. 


  • Shipping

We ship worldwide. Depending on which item, we'll try to find the best suitable carrier. For domestic transfer we use eg. POSTNL or Brenger.nl. For international transport we prefer Schenker Logistics or DHL. Want to know more about the shipping costs of a specific item? Just ask us. We promise to answer your email within 24 hours. 


  • Circular usage

We care about our planet. We try as much as we can to make a better future for our children. Our own beloved interior consists for 99,9% of secondhand items.  Using vintage design furniture is not only about the better design and materials, it is also about not buying something new if it isn't necessary.  That also means that we don't buy new carton shipping boxes when we can use boxes for a second time. Saves carton, saves trees, saves clean air, saves the earth.. We hope you understand.